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[Wanda is at the item shop, poking around, seeing if she can't find something to serve as a Hanukkiah. She missed out on celebrating Hanukkah last year, because she didn't have her brother to tell her when it starts. After actually celebrating her birhtday, this year, she's opting to go ahead and celebrate anyway, even if the timing isn't 100% right on. Because it's the thought that matters. Or-- something. It's not like she's going to get all the blessings right, anyway. Her Hanukkah can be a "slightly off" Hanukkah. Just like her.

If she can find a Hanukkiah, that is.]

[Later, after Wanda has gotten her hands on everything she feels she needs to celebrate, she cautiously starts up another video. ] ... Hello, again. I'm... going to be celebrating Hanukkah, starting tonight, so... um. If you'd like to join me, you'd... certainly be welcome. I'm in the Ground building. Room 13.

[She still doesn't like speaking publicly like that. But she hopes to maybe find a few others, for a nice get-together.]
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Action )

[ At some point, she opens her journal, to address the village in her typical ponderous fashion.]

... It... we're back. [Off to a good start.] I'm... personally very pleased. If anyone wants to celebrate... The doors of HQ are open.

[She pauses, considering.]

My birthday was last week. We... don't-- really celebrate in my family. But... I mean. I'd sort of like to-- to do something. [Her blue aura lights up, as she attempts a smile. She's very nervous, but-- nothing ventured, nothing gained?] I can do magic. If you have some-- little wish or something I can grant. ... I'd like... I want everyone to be as-- happy as I am. I want to give-- you gifts. Come celebrate.

[She's not sure she's explained that very well. But she's also not sure she has any better words for it. There is an awkward moment of silence as she considers this, before she nods, affirmatively, to her journal, and shuts it.

Then it's back to dancing about the club, and cleaning. It's a good day.]
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This is a catch all post for
Jean Grey and Wanda Maximoff
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If you want to get in contact with either of these mutant ladies, specify which (or don't and be surprised!) in a comment on this post, and we'll get something going!


Jul. 14th, 2013 12:51 pm
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Long winded description of what Wanda does when no-one's around. )

[Wanda was not okay. But she was getting there.]

((ooc: Wanda's gonna be a bit of a shut-in, and not leave her room for a while, as she figures things out. It's gonna take her a few days. In the meanwhile, should your character want to seek her out at her apartment, please feel free. I've bolded the description of what she did to her room, so you can skip over my masturbatory ramblings, should you so prefer ^_^))
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Long, winding action cut )

[While leaning back in the grass, Wanda's hand bumped the journal laying next to her. She blinked at it, a bit confused as to why it was there. It seemed a strange place for a book. But then, it was a strange place for her. Maybe she had accidentally brought it with her.

Picking it up, Wanda examined the cover and spine vaguely, before flipping it open. She wasn't really big into books, or... reading at all, actually. But she still liked the feel of the pages. Curiously, she ran her fingers over the inside of the journal, accidentally triggering the journal's video feature.

The video was not at all flattering, being far too close to her face, as she leaned in close. There was a slight crackling white-noise sound, from her fingers running over the paper, her head tilting first one way, then the other, as she looked at the various boxes and pictures.

It was neat, but hardly neat enough to distract her from being lost in a forest. She shut the book. She carefully got to her feet, and looked around, still subconsciously holding on to the journal. Judging by the sun, it wasn't morning any more, though it was also not quite yet noon. ]

... Hello? ... Is- Is anyone there? [She tried calling out, though she wasn't at all sure what sort of response she was expecting to get. She wished Pietro was here. He would know what to do.

Looking at the river, she fidgeted with the hem of her night gown. It took her a good 30 minutes to finally decide to follow the river, and see where it took her. It took her another 15 still to decide which direction to head in, up stream or down.

In the end, she started walking, unbeknownst to her, towards town. Every now and again, she would pause and call out again, as she tried, very hard, to not let her nervous feelings and worry overwhelm her.]
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This post is for any and all interactions one may wish to have with Wanda.

Simply make a new thread, and one of the following as your subject line:

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